About us

Taste is everything
Bringing you a feast of fabulous flavours

People’s sense of taste is made up of five different aspects: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami (pleasantly savoury). Indian cuisine is very focused on umami. A judicious combination of herbs and spices creates the unmistakeable flavour of Indian cuisine.

At RAMUK, our mission is to bring real Indian cuisine to Germany and Europe. We have brought back a wealth of wonderful and secret recipes from our travels throughout India. We continue to improve all our products until they provide the exact taste experience that we are looking for.
RAMUK helps you to quickly and easily create your own wonderful Indian dishes at home.
It goes without saying that none of our products contain flavour enhancers. We make every effort to use organic raw materials and our range also includes vegan products.

Do you know where the word ‘chutney’ comes from?

It’s an Indian word. In the past, people didn’t use cutlery, so at the end of a meal they would simply lick their fingers clean because the food was so delicious. This was particularly true of chutney – people generally licked their fingers after eating it. This is where the word chutney comes from – the Indian word ‘chat’ means to lick.